A Fresh Start

It’s be a long time since I’ve blogged about anything, and one or two times I’ve thought about actually posting something, and then changed my mind because I didn’t think it would “fit” with the content of the blog as it was. That’s wrong. I should be able to blog about what I want, when I want; the logical conclusion was to wipe the slate clean and start afresh.

Today, following in the footsteps of Matt Helmke (unintentionally, I might add), I’ve changed the aggregate feed for Planet Ubuntu, so that only posts with Ubuntu related content (and this one) will be displayed there. I don’t expect there to be many, as I’ll explain shortly. I do want to touch on something I read on the planet yesterday though, and that’s Randall Ross’s post on changes he feels should be made to the planet. I agree with most of them, the theme used today looks quite tired, and I do think the planet could be a better source of Ubuntu information.

So why do I not expect there to be many Ubuntu related topics? Since I stepped down as a forum administrator almost 2 years ago, and then from the forum staff team entirely only a few months later, I’ve drifted away from the Ubuntu community a little. I’m slowly getting back into things, now that I’ve setup my server again, and I’m occasionally on the forum to see what’s going on. It’s a slow process, and I’ll never be as active as I once was, because life changes; I’m in full-time work, which takes up a lot (sometimes too much) of my time, I’m getting married in April, and my interest in ‘tinkering’ with my OS all the while has waned.

I still believe wholeheartedly in the Ubuntu project, and despite (still) owning an iPhone, I really, really have to resist buying a phone just to try the Ubuntu phone OS on a weekly basis. I’ll still be around, and I suspect there’ll be stuff I post from time to time related to Ubuntu, but the majority of my posts will now be things that interest me, or that occurred in my life.

So here’s to a new start, and to seeing whether I actually stick with blogging this time around!