When Updates Go Wrong

I’m fairly sure that the title of this post gives away what’s happened, but I’m going to write it down so that I have a small reminder to myself to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again!

It all started when I decided to upgrade my server from Ubuntu 14.04 to the latest LTS release. I did it the normal way using sudo do-release-upgrade but something evidently went wrong; when I rebooted the server everything came back up and online as expected, but everything suddenly stopped working and claimed something about a read-only file system. Being completely unsure what to do, and my linux skills not being what they once were, I had one option… create a new server!

I managed to get it set up fairly quickly and got everything up and running the same night, so that took a little pressure off. I was then given a lesson that I’ve been taught before, but evidently not learned from! I lost the database as a result of the errors, but the last backup I had was from 2014 when I originally switched hosting providers – a rookie mistake, I know – countering that though, is the clear sign that I need to configure regular backups; I’ll be looking at the best ways I can handle that in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, I have 5 or 6 (there’s a chance 2 will be merged) posts to write so I’ll get them written up and posted at a relatively regular interval. The first one up will be to re-do the post I previously had about configuring MSMTP on Ubuntu as that was very regularly viewed according to the site stats.

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